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JOI Plant Base

This is a product that is Just One Ingredient (JOI)- which is nuts! You can make nut milk, sauces, dips, dressings, etc using this one ingredient and adding it to water.  

My favorite is the Cashew that I add to smoothies, Alfredo, sauces, soups, etc.

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This is a tomato sauce made with 10 different veggies, no sugar, no preservative, ALL clean ingredients. Not very many tomato sauces can say this! 

They have Original, Spicy and Carrot Bolognese

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This is a meat subscription service with the best meat around! They have all grass-fed, grass-finished beef, chicken and pork, always GMO and hormone free. They also have wild caught fish available too. It is delivered right to your door and couldn't be more convenient.

My favorite is the Custom Box so I can decide what I get each month!


These are my favorite Whole30 Approved sauces, marinades, dressing and meat snacks! 

My top three favorite products are the Smokey BBQ, Dijon Mustard, and Hot and Spicy Marinade.

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These are some seasoning blends and breadless breading! They are Whole30 Approved and have AIP, Organic and FODMAP friendly options.

My top three favorite products are FODMAP season blend, Salt free Season blend and Paleo Powder Almond+ Pink Breadless Breading.


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This is the best nut butter you will ever try! They have various different nut butters that come in a variety of flavors. 

My top three favorites are Almond butter, Cashew Butter and Pecan Butter. You can also get a Whole30 Approved box for your next Whole30!

Us the code LIVEWHOLEHEARTEDLY for 20% off your order.


This the only collagen protein brand to never upset my stomach, cause bloating or any other uncomfortable side effects, along with my favorite MCT oil. Their collagen is all grass fed and the MCT is from all sustainably sourced coconuts

I both of these products in my coffee every morning to give me a boost and keep me from getting jitters with longer sustained energy.

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