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Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo- Whole30, Paleo

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This is the perfect meal from the transition from summer to fall that we are beginning to experience coming up in September, which happens to be the time of the nationally supported Whole30!

You may be wondering why September is one of the biggest Whole30’s... why not January? well January is a big one too, but September is the perfect month to change your habits and I will tell you why!

- Start of the new school year- this is such a crazy time for parents, kids and teachers. everyone is trying to get back into a routine and your forget what habits truly ground you (hello eating habits). If you take control of the small things that you can right now, the rest of the stress will ease!

- Pre-holiday craziness- no one is trying to change their habits during the holiday months so regaining control of your food habits now is key!! That will put you a few months ahead to really hone your food freedom habits just in time for the holidays so you feel in control when those roll around.

- Post-summer vacation- maybe you feel like you lost all send of control during your summer vacation or summer bbq‘s this year... that is ok!!! Reset in September and get back to feeling like you again!

There are so many other reasons you can probably think of, but whatever YOUR reason is for maybe needing a September reset, make a plan and do it!!

This gumbo looks like a lot of ingredients, but I promise you it will fit into your crazy schedule, it only takes about 30 minutes to make and it is SO flavorful.


2 pounds jumbo shrimp

2 chicken sausages

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 package cauliflower rice (cooked to directions on bag)

1/2 yellow onion diced

2 cups carrots diced

3 stalks celery diced

1 jalapeño diced

2 cups okra sliced

4 cups chicken broth

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp jerk seasoning powder

1 tbsp arrowroot powder

3/4 cup Ricante to Tamarindo Jerk sauce

Salt and pepper


  1. Thaw shrimp for 30 minutes in a bowl of cold water. Once they are thawed, peel (if needed) and marinate in 1/2 cup Ricante to Tamarindo Jerk sauce.

  2. Slice and sauté chicken sausages in large skillet, with olive oil, for about 5 minutes or until brown on the outside.

  3. Add carrots, onion, celery, and jalapeño and sauté for another 5 minutes or until onions are translucent.

  4. In the same pan, add okra, chicken broth, tomato paste, jerk seasoning powder, arrowroot powder, the rest of the Ricante to Tamarindo Jerk sauce (about 1/4 cup) and salt/pepper for taste. Simmer for about 10 minutes.

  5. While Gumbo is simmering, sauté marinaded shrimp for about 2 minutes per side. Or until it is pink all the way through.

  6. Combine shrimp in the gumbo! Serve over cauliflower rice and enjoy!

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