• Hayley Lucero

My Whole30 Journey

My Whole30 journey started in August 2016. After my years of chronic digestive issues, feeling tired, bloated, and just not myself, it was time for a change. With a degree in Nutrition, I thought I had eaten fairly healthy, and the truth is I did, but I was not eating the foods that were benefitting MY body. There is a difference. I was eating lots of whole grains, beans, and dairy (things that are considered healthy to the most). Little did I know, my body was not a fan of any of these. A few months prior, my mom, who was recently diagnosed with MS, had been doing some research on ways she could manage her MS and had stumbled upon the Whole30. She shared it with me, wondering if it could also help my stomach issues. The thought of cutting out beans and corn was simply not happening, those were staples in every meal for me. I brushed it to the side and didn’t think anything of it, I was already eating “healthy” my diet surely wasn’t causing my stomach issues. Fast forward to July 2016. I had been to three weddings that summer, celebrated the 4th of July with family in the mountains as we always did, and had just attended a wine festival with my parents. In other words, I was eating like crap and drinking too much. We were ALL feeling sick and tired. I couldn’t keep feeling like this and neither could my mom or dad. It was time for an overhaul of our eating habits. At this time I was in Graduate School and was fully immersed in finding ways to grow and create sustainable habits for myself. A friend of mine had just finished the Whole30 and a professor had also recommended trying Paleo for my stomach issues. Needless to say, I started doing my own research on the Whole30 and realized it was something I needed and wanted to do. I was READY to get rid of beans and corn if it meant me feeling better. So my parents and I dove in headfirst. 30 days later... I literally had never felt better. Yes, those 30 days were hard. Yes, some recipes were a fail. Yes, I wanted to give in many times (I bartended at a restaurant and was surrounded by non-compliant foods daily). Yes, I wondered if it was worth it. But did I feel almost 100% better? ABSOLUTELY. For the first time since I could remember, I was not nauseous, bloated, or constipated for 30 whole days. If you have ever had chronic digestive issues with no answers, you will understand how life-changing this was for me. Plus, holy cow did I feel fantastic during my workouts, mentally and just in every other aspect of my life. It is now 2020 and I am still practicing my food freedom, whatever that looks like. Typically stick to a fairly Paleo lifestyle because that is where MY body feels best and I surely am not going back to how I used to feel. I use the Whole30 to come back to if I feel out of control or am in need of a reset, which happens about once or twice a year. I learn something new about my body each time I do a Whole30 and really have never felt better. Maybe one day I won’t need to come back to a Whole30 because my food freedom will be perfected, but for now, I am happy where I am at and know that I always have that to fall back on

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