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Weeknight Chicken Curry

Key words: Chicken curry, Paleo, Whole30, Weeknight meal, Family Friendly

Sometimes I need a meal with a ton of flavor and takes a small amount of time. Impossible? Nope! All it takes is some really powerful flavors and a few different veggies. Curry is one of those flavor palates that packs a big punch with just a little effort and a small number of ingredients.

The great thing about curry is that it comes in all different colors, flavors, and spices. My personal favorite is red curry paste, but I am a huge fan of yellow curry powder too. What makes this so great is that you can customize this meal to make it a flavor you want just by swapping out the kind of curry that you use! You can also add or take out any veggies that you (or your family) like, but it is also a wonderful place to add veggies that they may never are there, too.

I also love this meal because you can make it at the end of the week when you are running out of veggies, but have a lot of random leftover veggies in your fridge. Again, the perfect meal to throw all of those into to clean out your fridge before your next shopping trip/

Tips for this meal:

  1. Customize and use your favorite curry

  2. Make your own cauliflower rice from a head of cauliflower if you want to save money or have "firmer" riced cauliflower

  3. Use any and all veggies that you like- broccoli and snow peas would be great additions

  4. Make leftovers and use for lunch- this meal saves great

  5. Add additional Sriracha if you want more spice

  6. Use that leftover frozen chicken in your freezer for an even quicker meal


1 pound chicken breast

1 pound green beans

1 yellow onion- diced

1/4 head cabbage

1 one package cauliflower rice- cook according to package

2 Tbsp avocado oil

1 Tbsp garlic- minced

1 Tbsp red curry paste

1 Tbsp curry powder

1 can coconut milk

1 Tbsp coconut aminos

1 Tsp sriracha

1 tsp red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper


Green onions


  1. Slice uncooked chicken breast into thin slices. Put one Tbsp avocado oil in a hot pan and add sliced chicken to the pan. Season with salt and pepper and cook slices are no longer pink (or 160 degrees).

  2. Meanwhile, clean your green beans- Wash and chop ends off. Thinly slice cabbage. Once the chicken is cooked, set aside. To the same pan, add another 1 Tbsp avocado oil and add green beans, cabbage, onion, and garlic to the pan. Sautee for approximately 10 minutes.

  3. Once chicken is cooked, set aside. To the same pan add another 1 Tbsp avocado oil and add green beans, cabbage, onion and garlic to the pan. Sautee for approximately 10 minutes.

  4. To the same pan, add coconut milk, curry paste, curry powder, coconut aminos, sriracha, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper to taste. Simmer this mixture with the veggies for 5 minutes. Add chicken breast back into mixture and sautee for another 5 minutes.

  5. While curry and veggies are sautéing, cook your cauliflower rice according to package.

  6. Serve cauliflower rice first, then pour over chicken, veggies and curry over rice. Garnish with cilantro and green onions. Enjoy!

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